You may have noticed us advocating positive ageing in many of our social media posts of late, often with positive ageing content, or the #positiveageing hashtag to indicate our support of this. But what really is positive ageing? This is what it means to us…

Various cultures, and even generations define the term differently. In cultures where elders are revered, they are not seen as a burden or a hindrance, in fact this generation are looked to for wisdom and guidance, they are respected and revered. Other cultures, those which value youth, physical beauty and prowess above the wisdom gathered with age, have a different perspective, and this is often the group that chooses to fight the ageing process. The visible one. We believe there can be (and should be!) a mixture of both.

Positive ageing can be said to be a way of living, rather than a state of being defined by your number of years. It is a process of maintaining a positive attitude, feeling good about yourself, keeping fit, healthy and engaged in life – looking forward with interest, not backwards with regret. Positive ageing is affected by many variables… health, financial security, independence, self-fulfilment, personal safety and our living environment, especially that of the older members of our society. Ageing successfully has a number of factors too – avoiding disease and disability, maintaining cognitive health and remaining engaged in society. Some cultures, specifically Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist philosophical traditions, define ageing as a maturity in which a time of spring and rebirth is experienced, a veritable bloom after busy years of working and raising families. We like this definition!

What does positive ageing mean with regard to the cosmetic injectable industry? We interpret this and in fact promote positive ageing as celebrating your age, and defying expectations! What does that mean? Simply Bloomies, that means looking as wonderful as you can – at any age – but not trying to appear vastly younger than you actually are. There’s a fine line, and you know how good we are with fine lines…! BLOOMSKIN cosmetic injectable treatments are not about turning back the clock, but about ensuring you positively glow with treatments appropriate to your age! Here’s how we approach treatments…

When it comes to antiwrinkle treatments and fillers, Nicole considers your face as a whole – as opposed to treating each of your features, or facial areas in isolation. She treats faces, not features. It’s really important that you communicate how you feel about the way you look and what it is you want to achieve – to look less tired, more hydrated, less grumpy – which can happen with the natural downturn of our mouths as we age, or a deepening frown, a sagging jawline for example. But if you’re not really sure, fear not, Nicole is not only a master injector, but she’s also a master at eliciting information! As a patient, it’s not always easy to identify what your area of concern may be…you may think you need your crow’s feet treated with Botox, but Nicole may identify that you actually need cheek filler to lift and restore lost volume, which will achieve a longer lasting, elevated hydration and youthfulness. These are discussions that are had during your consultation – in depth at your first one, and referred to as your treatment plan is rolled out over time.

There is no one-size-fits-all package treatment to positive ageing, and we don’t offer package treatments and discounts at BLOOMSKIN anyhow. We offer a holistic and individual approach and treatment plan, one which promotes positive ageing and not hiding your age. The same treatments do not apply to all women – different products, units and types of treatments are prescribed for individual women, keeping their age, individual bone structure and ageing in mind – we do not promote obvious, overfilled or overly taut outcomes, as these are not natural, and these are not a positive reinforcement of ageing. Your face is a reflection of your inner health, your outlook on the world and a positive frame of mind – let’s make it the best it can be.