With a daily onslaught of beauty treatments, products, new options and – let’s be honest – empty promises, sliding into our social media and email inboxes, it’s really hard to know what to do to achieve the skin we want, and deserve. I say ‘deserve’ because with all of these advancements, we are led to believe that we really should be able to have that fabulous skin we see on our various screens. And so we should!

As my regular patients know, I dedicate time every year to attending conferences both in New Zealand, and overseas. I choose very carefully – educational conferences and retreats that will ensure I stay up-to-date on the latest products, treatment modalities and techniques that are available on the market today. I personally experience these various options in order to be able to hand on heart recommend them to you, or to introduce into my clinic. These might appear as opportunities to broaden skincare products we stock, assist in the comfort of your treatment, and also in the use of the injectable products I already use. Learning from valued colleagues is something I love, and attending conferences and trainings, keeps me motivated and aware, and keeps you in the very best pair of skilled hands.

While I do ponder introducing other modalities, my reputation is largely built on my skill as an injector and the results I achieve. It confirms to me that ‘sticking to my (knitting) needles’ is the continued way forward – doing what I do best. Which does not mean I do not approve of other modalities and products. I have a keen interest in always learning about them and love to know if you are choosing to have other treatments alongside the ones you have in the BloomRoom. Please tell me so we can optimise all outcomes!