Beauty treatments and products all seem to be angled at reflecting a youthful face and unrealistic goals. This should not be the case, because with careful assessment and consultation, achieving a more youthful, refreshed and rejuvenated skin IS achievable and really, it’s never too late. 

Is it time to address your facial concerns? If you haven’t considered aesthetic injectable treatments to address unwanted lines, wrinkles and creases, perhaps it’s time to look more carefully and do some homework on what can be done.  Do you know that a dull crepey skin can be brought to life with treatments such as Profhilo, fillers to refine and define, and fillers to hydrate and fill creases and lines? Something else you may not be aware of is that the shape and contour of the face can also be enhanced and refreshed with aesthetic injectables.

Who should you look to for your aesthetic injectable treatments? Because they are medical in nature, injectable treatments are performed by a Registered Nurse in clinic conditions who is under the oversight of a medical doctor, or plastic surgeon in the case of BLOOMSKIN. Nicole is the owner and aesthetic nurse at boutique cosmetic injectable clinic, BLOOMSKIN. She has almost 30 years of general nursing experience, and experience in plastic surgery and dermatology nursing, both in New Zealand and the UK. She is dedicated to remaining up to date on the latest quality products, treatments and trends which involves attending medical and aesthetic conferences in New Zealand and overseas. Nicole is interested in treating with a holistic approach, an overall goal of wellbeing, working in with other modalities and also of course, recommending and prescribing a quality skincare, O Cosmedics.

“There is always a way to bring a mature skin to life,” Nicole explains. “New generation fillers provide a hydration level we have not seen before. These fillers are about intense hydration, skin refining and glow, not always volume”. Fillers come in a range of viscosities, some allowing definition and structure, others which are more malleable contributing hydration and a restored dewy plumpness to the skin. Coupled with careful placement of antiwrinkle products (Nicole uses Botox, Xeomin and Dysport).

Are you worried the treatment will try to turn the clock back – too far? It is very important  that the injector you book with has an acute awareness of age-appropriate treatments and how the face ages. Having been trained in this field by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, Nicole has a skilled eye and awareness of bone and muscle changes in our faces. “As we age volume in the upper two thirds of our face decreases, but increases in the lower third. This is what creates jowls and sagging in the areas when in fact we want tightness and definition.” Thank goodness for fillers and thank goodness we have the opportunity to restore or youthful bloom.