It’s that time of the year again – HAYFEVER SEASON! Or for some of you, it’s always that time of the year! Help is at hand in an increasingly popular treatment protocol – the ‘spritzing’ of antiwrinkle products into your nasal cavity – needle free and pain free! In one short appointment, you can have up to 12 weeks of relief!

Springtime, for some of us, is the start of our hayfever season. For others, their nasal allergy symptoms are present all year around. Depending on what you are mainly reacting to, you may have Persistent Allergic Rhinitis (all year symptoms) or Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis (typical ‘hayfever’ springtime symptoms).

As you are probably aware and is probably why you’re here on this page reading in the first instance, anti-wrinkle medicine is commonly used for improving facial lines and skin creases from overactive facial muscles, age and environmental factors. It works by effectively blocking neural transmission at nerve endings on the muscle. This is why we sometimes refer to antiwrinkle products as neuro-modulators. Research in the field has shown that antiwrinkle products can block neural transmission at the specialised nerve endings to do with allergy, present in the lining membranes of the nasal cavity. These nerve endings or ‘receptors’ react to stimulation by environmental allergens present in the air that we breathe, and provoke an attack of hayfever symptoms. Therefore, by applying Neuro-modulator medicine in the nasal cavity, you can also block the allergy receptors and avoid the troublesome symptoms of hayfever – itchy, runny or blocked nose, sneezing; itchy or bleary, red, gritty and irritated, watery or streaming eyes.

This treatment can relieve symptoms as it blocks the conduction of nerve signals in the passage which triggers the onset of hayfever symptoms. Why isn’t this an injected treatment like the usual antiwrinkle treatments are? The antiwrinkle product is sprayed in, using a specially designed ‘cap’ on to of a syringe. The mucosa surface lining of the nasal cavity is very thin. This means that the nerve receptors and cells lining the nasal cavity will absorb the product directly.

Controlling the usual symptoms of hayfever with Haytox will mean that you can avoid the usual clutter of sprays and drops, tablets and other remedies used to keep the dreaded sneezing and itching at bay, for up to three months at a time. The dose and onset of results varies from patient to patient due to how severe your symptoms are. Patients generally begin to notice relief from allergy symptoms two weeks post treatment.

How often will you need to be treated? Treatment frequency can vary depending on how severe your symptoms are and how severe the current hayfever season is. Research shows that 70% of those treated will enjoy 70% relief.

While a Haytox treatment is not a cure, it will certainly relieve symptoms and also control and prevent your body reacting to allergic stimuli in the air, in much the same way as an anti-histamine will – without the daily dose of those pills, drops and sprays.