Thank you for sharing your testimonials and images and with us – we are so grateful. But why do we keep them anonymous?

You will see on our social media profiles, that we go to great lengths to protect the identities of the patients who are kind enough to allow us to share their before and after images. Our imagery does still give you a pretty good idea of the changes and results you can expect, but you are not able to identify the patient. Why do we not reveal their identities?

Cosmetic injectable treatments are deemed to be medical procedures. Cosmetic injectors are under the oversight of a medical doctor, and as such, we adhere to the conventions of the medical world, to protect you, our patients.

You will see that most other forms of beauty treatments share full face, recognisable before and after images – permanent brow and lip tattooing, skin treatments, hair salons and so on. They are not performing medical procedures, therefore do not have the same regulations and are not required to make their clients anonymous. We do hope they ask permission before sharing. These restrictions we have do not apply to our counterparts in Australia, or further abroad in the UK and Europe, or America. We’re all about protecting our identities Down Under – we like to keep our beauty secrets close!

Testimonials are also off limits. We cannot quote patients’ words in our advertising, or on our online platforms. Why not? Simply because they may give unrealistic expectation of outcomes. Testimonials are opinions, and are usually emotive and while we just love receiving your kind words, and knowing that you give such great referrals for BLOOMSKIN, we are only able to share a very few, non-specific ones.

Also, as cosmetic injectable treatments are highly personalised to each individual, it is important that we do not try to copy the results other patients have. Many still do come in with images of well-known personalities and celebrities, asking to have lips like Rosie, a jawline like Angelina, cheeks like Miranda – or even something they love about their friend, or someone they know. Unless we’re identical twins, our faces are unique to us, and cosmetic injectable treatments are about making subtle, age appropriate changes to the face Mother Nature bestowed upon us – we can and should all bloom our own way.

NOTE: Any full face images used for BLOOMSKIN advertising were taken at our annual photo shoots with consenting models. No actual procedures took place.