Yes, some people do have an aversion to needles, some even call it a needle phobia. Is this you? Here at BloomSkin, Nicole does everything possible to allay your fears. In fact, you don’t even have to see the needles, so discreet is she in their placement out of your sight, and so small are they! Nicole uses the finest, smallest needles available which minimise pain and impact to your skin. Some treatments are a little more ouchy than others, so she will apply a numbing cream first. Fillers have lidocaine in them which is a local anaesthetic, so your comfort is ensured. Ice is applied immediately as your skin may feel hot at the injection site, and it also prevents bruising. The injecting techniques Nicole uses she learned under the tutelage of Plastic Surgeons: product placement, as painless as possible, and optimal aesthetic outcomes are front of mind. Relax, the results far outweigh the minimal discomfort you may experience.