If you’re risk averse to appearance medicine treatments, you’re wise. We’ve seen the years of collagen, which required allergy testing before treatment as it was made from animal products. We’ve seen the Hollywood “freeze-frame” and “trout-pout” era. But looking at the number of injectors popping up around the place, it’s clear people are happy to use injectable treatments as effective anti-ageing options. And you should be.

Modern dermal fillers are well-studied treatment with an established safety profile, made from naturally derived hyaluronic acid, last from 6 – 18 months depending on the area treated, and have very few side effects. They are widely used in dermatology, rehydrating skin, restoring volume and smoothing the skin surface. That’s why we love them! I always err on the “less-is-more” side of things, so don’t come to me if you want obvious, over-done “work”. I sometimes see my new patients two weeks after their treatment to top up if necessary. Questions? Get in touch, happy to answer! X