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BloomSkin is a boutique cosmetic medicine service located in Tauranga and with regular clinics in Matamata. If wrinkles, loss of volume and definition to your lips, cheeks and jawline, dimpled areas and softened contours are bothering you, it’s time to recapture your bloom. Enjoy a refreshed and luminous skin with subtle use of Botox® and dermal fillers – where they count. Treatments with cosmetic injectables ensure your skin is refreshed, the ageing process slowed and youth is recaptured with approved products in a clinic environment. Having your appearance medicine treatments with Nicole at BloomSkin, means you will receive exceptional care and a premium outcome. So, if your skin is feeling like the last rose of summer, don’t let the grass grow under your feet. Follow your nose through our website to learn how subtle, youth enhancing treatments can restore and rejuvenate your appearance.


BloomSkin is a boutique Cosmetic Medicine service provided by Nicole Smythe.  Nicole is a Registered Aesthetic Nurse with extensive training in advanced Cosmetic and Appearance medicine techniques and over 20 years nursing experience. FIND OUT MORE


To everything there is a season and this too applies to our skin and its’ ageing. Whether your skin is celebrating spring, or perhaps feeling more like the dried out leaves of autumn, injectable treatments at Bloom will enhance your natural attributes. With the clever use of products, hand-picked for your individual concerns, Nicole will prescribe a treatment plan. Her softly-softly approach results in subtle, glowing results – no frozen faces here! FIND OUT MORE


At BloomSkin, we pick our treatments carefully – for their quality, and the results and longevity they offer you. All are FDA approved, clinically safe and widely used. Our point of difference? In order to restore your youthful bloom, Nicole chooses to use a variety of options designed to address specific areas and concerns, and to enrich your skin. Some of us have stronger muscles than others, finer skin from one area to another, and there are vast differences between individuals, and men and women. FIND OUT MORE