“The true beauty of an individual lies in self confidence”. So says the founder of O Cosmedics, the skincare brand we choose to use and recommend at BLOOMSKIN. We fully support this sentiment – if you feel confident, can hold your head high and bare your skin to all – that’s self-confidence. And don’t worry, we have all been there with skin that’s just not behaving, using the long fringe, sunhat, collar, heavy makeup and more, to cover it.

Why should we use O Cosmedics? There are so many brands out there offering promises, not always delivering, working for a while, then not…It’s really hard and we understand that. Which is why Nicole took some time and trialled so many skincare ranges herself before jumping on board with O Cosmedics. She wanted to fully believe in the brand she was offering, know there was excellent support from the producers, and feel confident herself that her skin responded when she used it. Win win!

Will I see immediate results – I’m desperate?! No skincare will give you immediate results. Your skin regenerates in a three monthly cycle and that’s how long it will take for you to feel like you’re really seeing a difference. Sometimes you will need to initially settle your skin before you can begin to take it to the next level with more active ingredients. That’s why it really is a skin journey. Seasonal, hormonal, lifestyle and environmental changes affect our skin – usually just when we’re beginning to see a difference with a product, ugh. Don’t give up, talk to us and we will find you the information, the product support and the answers you need to address these changes, which are entirely normal.

Can everyone use O Cosmedics? Yes indeed. Timeless beauty is up to you. It takes dedication and sticking to the programme if you want to enjoy skin results. O Cosmedics will deliver with its’ cosmedical, organic ingredients. It works at a cellular level and has a broad range of products to address that broad range of skin types out there. As an Australian company, O Cosmedics knows the New Zealand skin too. Embracing skincare with O Cosmedics means you can use it through the seasons, through the ages, and with confidence for each of your family members. Start them young with great skincare routines, and help out teens with skin problems by using O Cosmedics specifically designed for problem and hormonal skin.

Is every part of my skincare routine available in the O Cosmedics range? O Cosmedics is cleverly presented in categories with a variety of options for all skin types and skin ages, to cleanse, exfoliate, correct, hydrate and protect. Products sit together in groups, or stand alone. You may prefer serums and light moisturisers, or need the luxury of a nourishing cream. SPF in clear and tinted formulas are available, as are products to take care of the sensitive eye area. O Cosmedics has our skin covered!

What about O Cosmedics and cosmetic injectables? Cosmetic injectable treatments are the Holy Grail in addressing internal hydration, and kissing goodbye the most visible signs of ageing (lines and wrinkles). But with support from O Cosmedics, the texture, health and “skintegrity” of your skin is assured. Ask Nicole about you and your O Cosmedics skin journey, you’ll love it.