The undercover injectable treatment that moisturises from within, is now at BLOOMSKIN! Stimulate and rejuvenate your collagen with this gorgeous anti-ageing treatment, clinically proven to help a wide range of skin ageing concerns, and restore a flawless, hydrated and stunning glow – you are going to love Profhilo, we promise!

Time to jump on board with Profhilo, Bloomies! Profhilo has been around a while and has certainly gained a lot of attention. I have spoken with a number of you about it in the BloomRoom. As with any treatment on offer at BLOOMSKIN, I do a lot of research before introducing it, and trial it myself before considering including it in the bouquet of treatments on offer here. So, it’s a yes from me and my team – Profhilo is now here and Profhilo is the treatment you need.

As you’ll often hear us say through our social media channels, be wary of new beauty fads. There is a never-ending supply of coverage about the latest and the greatest whether it be skincare, lasers, injectables, needling, supplements – you name it, they all promise. But, in our experience, they DO NOT all deliver. I can with confidence tell you that Profhilo does and it’s a game changer in achieving luminous skin with restored integrity and luminosity. It’s a big YES!

I’m going to talk you through the questions that have popped up already to make sure you’re as informed as possible, before you arrive for your Profhilo treatment.

What is it? Without being too ‘sciencey’, Profhilo is a sort of hybrid dermal filler, comprised of non-crosslinked molecules of two types of hyaluronic acid (HA). A great visual of it is to imagine honey being poured over icecream…it melts under the skin and sticks to everything it reaches, distributing itself in a smooth, uniform manner. Profhilo is sometimes referred to as a 3D ‘biomodelling’ treatment as it combines both high molecular weight and low molecular weight HA which delivers a dual action that nourishes the dermal cells and actually remodels the skin. Its impact is not just on appearance, but on the way the body regenerates and renews its cells – 24/7. So yes, Profhilo is bringing that bloom to your skin all day long! By empowering our bodies to do their jobs better than they otherwise would, Profhilo has a transformative effect on skin health and appearance.

How is it different from fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments? Profhilo is a skin quality treatment, which will result in skin with a smoother texture, bounce, plumpness and elasticity. It remodels skin but it won’t make any difference to contours. For lift, you need fillers and for addressing formed lines like the forehead or crow’s feet, Botox® and Xeomin® are still the best answer. However, if you’re having anti-wrinkle and filler treatments you should be considering Profhilo too, to work its magic in the background. Profhilo is an enabler for other injectable results to look better and last longer. From a cosmetic injector’s perspective, the better your skin, the longer I will be able to use injectables to give a natural looking bloom.

Who can have it? If you’re keen to maintain and stimulate your body’s natural cell renewal cycles and you’re in your late 20s or so, Profhilo is for you. If you have a more mature skin with creases and dullness due to loss of elasticity and collagen, Profhilo is for you. Both groups of patients will enjoy skin which is more hydrated, tighter, firmer, softer, clearer and just blooming beautiful!

What areas can be treated? Profhilo achieves beautiful results to the face, neck, decolletage and chest, the back of the hands too. The neck and chest areas have until now been quite difficult to treat with any significant difference, but this product is a game-changer!

What is the treatment like? You will initially need two Profhilo treatments spaced four weeks apart. There are five injection sites on each side of your face – the product then absorbs into the deeper layers of your skin where it goes to work stimulating the production of multiple types of collagen and elastin. A topical anaesthetic is applied to your skin prior to injecting for your ultimate comfort, and ice to the injection points. In the patients I have treated so far, and in my own treatment, we have not seen any bruising.

Is there downtime? As soon as the product is injected, you will be able to feel it and, in some cases, see it. You may be left with mosquito-like bumps at the injection sites for around 3 – 4 hours which dissipate more quickly for some than others. Observant people (your mother, BFF) will probably notice. We use ice immediately to ease swelling at the sites, and I can tell you, they will not be visible the next morning, as the product spreads to a 4 cm radius from the site…working its magic as it moisturises from within.

How long will a Profhilo treatment last? It will take around a week before the difference to your skin shows and this is only the beginning. The second treatment (one month after the first) gives a beautiful finesse to the first Profilho injections, and once again, there are five injections to each side of the face. The HA keeps stimulating the collagen, creating neocollagenesis, a process that stimulates the collagen receptors in the skin, for another 6 – 8 months. People find that they need to top up with one Profhilo treatment once or twice a year to keep the glow and plumpness optimal and this depends on the quality of your skin – a more depleted, mature skin may enjoy a top-up after six months, a younger skin around 10 months.

What does the treatment cost? Each person receives the same amount of product in a Profhilo treatment, so the cost is a uniform $800 per treatment. As an opening offer, the initial two treatments are $1500 when paid up front, instead of $1600. Touch base to book your appointment.

Stay tuned on our social media pages for videos, before and afters and more information on Profhilo.

  • Image shows Profhilo treatments being performed on two skin types, which show the mosquito like bumps at the time of the treatment.