Learn about your first Botox® treatment here…

We get a lot of requests from people wanting to know just what a first time Botox® treatment will be like. One patient recently agreed to put it in her own words which we thought was a great way for those Botox® virgins out there to understand it a little more! Have a read….

“I’d been checking out appearance medicine clinics and cosmetic nurse injectors for some time, because, I have to be honest, I’d been checking my skin out in the mirror and I was not loving the concertinaed forehead and pleats next to my eyes that appeared when I smiled and laughed, when I was thinking, or even chatting on the phone. I even had a line at the bridge of my nose which I was starting to think might just be visible when my face was still, or “at rest”. So yes, I typed in “Botox Tauranga, “Botox costs”, “Botox injector” , “Botox virgin” and all sorts of other combos and up popped a few websites. However, I had some criteria that I wanted to meet, things my out-of-town friends-in-the-know advised me to check out which is how I ended up at BLOOMSKIN in Tauranga.  Her clinic and website said ’style and class’ but there was also a lot of medical criteria acknowledged and the FAQs answered many of my questions. Nicole clearly has an aesthetic eye for detail and I love that she herself looks natural but youthful and glowing.  One of the significant things that drew me to Nicole at BLOOMSKIN, was that she concentrates on injectable treatments, not all sorts of other skin promises. She clearly has a real talent for injectable treatments – her social media pages reflect a lot of before and after images and I just loved the lip filler treatment she does – she IS the lip queen of the Bay, but maybe I’ll tell you about that another time!

It took about 6-8 weeks to get an appointment, another good sign as obviously people are prepared to wait (though it is hard, I was so excited and nervous too). Once I arrived at BLOOMSKIN the Adelpha Care Clinic in Bethlehem, Nicole was so welcoming. I expected that she’d really stare at my face – and she did, but in such a nice way, I didn’t feel ’naked’! She talked to me about what I wanted to achieve, the areas that concerned me. Once we’d made a plan and Nicole had talked through the number of units of Botox® she would use (which gave me the exact cost of my treatment), and which muscles would be temporarily softened off, she used a special white pencil to accurately identify the injection sites around my crows feet, eyebrows and forehead. Nicole spent many years as a plastic surgery nurse (her anatomical knowledge is huge, and yes, that’s really comforting!) so her injecting technique has been learned at the hands of masters. I felt tiny pin pricks but the needles are so fine, there is very little pain and Nicole warns you each time she is about to inject. The actual Botox® injections were over in less than ten minutes. 

Having already had the possible, minimal side effects explained to me before my Botox® treatment, I knew I’d have a few red marks but these quickly faded. Some patients experience a mild headache so I did as advised, and drank plenty of water.  Do make sure you don’t wear makeup to your appointment; this is so you don’t rub your face and move the Botox around and out of position when you cleanse it. Some people bruise after Botox® injections, but as I said, I’d done my homework and knew to avoid fish oils and a few other supplements which can cause bleeding and therefore bruising. My skin felt a little tender and I admit I checked it out in the mirror at every opportunity – looking for results, or perhaps a unicorn horn sprouting on  my forehead?!? After 24 hours I got over that and almost forgot about the Botox® treatment, until Nicole texted to check how I was a few days later. I looked in the mirror and hallelujah the small lines that had started to etch themselves above my brows were softened — almost to the point of invisibility. When I raised my eyebrows (yes, they still moved!), my forehead couldn’t contract and bunch up like a corrugated iron fence anymore. Big smiles indeed – but hello, none of those crow’s feet were visible any more! The Botox® was fully effective at around two weeks, and basically I feel ‘frozen’ but I don’t look it as I am still able to make natural expressions. My makeup wears better without any forehead creasing, and I generally find that I look more refreshed (whether I get enough sleep or not!).

One thing I am so grateful to Nicole for, is that she went easy on this first Botox® treatment, explaining that she always injects less for first timers, preferring us to come back for a wee Botox® top-up. Also, at this two week appointment, it gives her the chance to check for symmetry, because like every other part of our body, no two muscles are created equal. She evened up one of my brows which had not responded precisely the same as the other (love a perfectionist with a needle in her hand!). 
For me, Botox® has always been something I knew I’d turn to – I love great quality skin care, but with the huge uptake in the use of Botox and other neuromodulators (anti-wrinkle injections) such as Xeomin® over the past two decades, why wouldn’t I be one of the millions of women enjoying the youthful benefits. I always knew too that I would get in and have preventative Botox® before my lines and wrinkles became permanent. Thank goodness I did start looking carefully in the mirror and scrunching and bunching and I am very much looking forward to my next appointment in 3 -4 months, which I have scheduled as part of my beauty routine. Hope this helps put your mind at rest – just go for it!”