Botox is injected into the upper lip to achieve the perfect lip flip.

What is a lip flip?

There seems to be a lot of discussion around the “lip flip” – not a new treatment at all, but one which has gained popularity again. So, what is a lip flip? This procedure is when a neuromodulator (a wrinkle relaxer or muscle relaxant), is injected very strategically and in tiny quantities to the corners of the mouth and either side of the Cupid’s bow. The upper lip’s appearance is enhanced by relaxing the muscle around the mouth (the orbicularis oris) which is a circular muscle (imagine a purse string pulling in). The wrinkle relaxer softens off the tension of this ‘purse string’, and over the next 7 – 14 days after treatment, the pink-white border of the lip flips out a little and your upper lip becomes more prominent. This unfurling of the lip is the perfect foil for thin lips, or a receding upper lip – it gives volume and a fuller shape. A lip flip treatment takes only around ten minutes, and the results last for around 3 – 4 months. As with all cosmetic injectable treatments, the needles used in a lip flip are tiny and fine, and therefore the treatment is comfortable. If you’re a little shy of needles, Nicole will apply a numbing cream prior to the lip flip treatment.

Lip flips can be achieved with fillers, but using a wrinkle relaxer instead, will give you a very soft and natural result. Some people start out with a lip flip, but move to a filler because they come to love a fuller result. It’s important to note that a lip flip addresses the top lip, whereas a lip treatment using filler, is more often than not about adding fullness, correcting symmetry, redefining the vermillion lip border and adding volume to both upper and lower lips. If you would like to book yours, head to the booking section of the website and choose your lip flip slot! See you soon.

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