Most people will say that a priority of “having work done” with cosmetic injectable treatments, is that the treatment itself is undetectable. Patients quite rightly like to look youthful and refreshed without any tell-tale traces of the treatment they have had. No puffiness, redness, no fake and frozen, no over-done outcome that has pushed that natural appearance too far. This is where the “no trace face” treatment has been coined.

So what is this treatment? Basically it is an undetectable anti-ageing treatment using dermal fillers in small amounts to a broader range of injection sites over the face. So, you don’t just have your cheeks treated with filler, you might also have your nasolabial folds, your lip border, your jowls AND your cheeks done during one appointment in the BloomRoom….but in micro-amounts to achieve a fresh, young and healthy glow with no detectable trace of your cosmetic injector’s needle. The beauty of this non-surgical treatment is that it gives a beautifully natural result, and it is undetectable and with less swelling than a more significant filler treatment to an isolated area.

Does this sound like what you’d like to achieve? The “no trace face” treatment is often referred to as a “non-surgical facelift” because of the beautiful results achieved with no downtime and of course, less financial outlay. Results are instant and so is booking online at the BLOOMSKIN Bethlehem based clinic, so head there now if the “no trace face” treatment is for you.