Now more than ever, the “don’t touch your face” command is one to follow. COVID has made us hyper aware of how hands can transfer germs and viruses, but as you know, I will always tell you not to touch your face, post treatment. Why? The placement of wrinkle relaxing injections into your face is done with absolute precision, in order to relax the precise muscle which is causing your skin to bunch up. If you rub your face, you can shift that product around. So, try to come makeup free so you don’t need to cleanse your face later, forego skincare for 24 hours, avoid hot showers, sun and steam. If you have a tendency to bruise after your cosmetic injectables, avoid exercise, nurofen and other anti-inflammatory medicines; stick to panadol if you have any discomfort. Avoiding touching your face after dermal fillers and neuromodulator aesthetic injectables, is also for hygiene purposes. Because the needles used are so fine, the injection site is tiny, but it is still a break in the skin, so must remain clean. When you come to the BLOOMSKIN clinic in Bethlehem, Tauranga, for cosmetic injectable treatments, including fillers and other appearance medicine treatments, you will receive specific after care advice. X