Here at BloomSkin, your health and safety are of utmost priority. This is ALWAYS the case, but at present with the Co-Vid19 pandemic a very real thing, we are taking extra precautions at our clinics, as are all other health professionals we consult with, and many other places we go to in our daily lives, as we are sure you’re noticing. It will be interesting to see if other communicable infections, i.e. the common ‘flu, measles and meningitis for example, are less prevalent with all the extra basic health precautions many more people are now practising.

So, do not be alarmed if I greet you in my medical mask, ask you to cleanse your hands at the beginning and end of each appointment with my super-strength Zoono hand sanitiser (which I have been using for three years). Please let me know if you have been travelling recently – in accordance with national health guidelines, I cannot see you if you have returned to NZ in the last days – and you will be in self-isolation anyhow! If you feel unwell, or have any symptoms of a cold or other, let’s simply reschedule your appointment. Single use gloves are always used, surfaces wiped down between patients, needles – as always – are single use and individually wrapped, and our clinics facilities (waiting rooms, toilets etc) are being cleaned even more regularly than normal.

BloomSkin is taking very careful notice of the WHO guidelines and those of the NZ Ministry of Health, so will keep you updated of any changes via our usual social media channels. Please make sure you get your usual fix of Vit D outside (with your sunscreen on!), breathe in our good NZ air and rest assured, I have plenty of product in stock. If you’re unable to travel, treat yourself at home XX