When you make an appointment with a cosmetic injector, do you ask which neurotoxin will be used to soften your wrinkles? I think this is a very important and reasonable question to ask, as some of these “‘toxes” are, in my opinion, inferior. Individuals metabolise neurotoxins at different rates and there’s no changing that, so you may notice that some ‘toxes work better and last longer than others. If an injector is offering really low prices, chances are they are using a cheap neurotoxin: it will not last as long, it will not be as effective.

At BloomSkin, the ‘tox of choice is Botox. I consider this to be the Rolls Royce of those available, based on its efficacy, safety, longevity of use in the medical world and staying power. Next in line is Xeomin which gives beautiful natural results, and is the perfect choice for those few people who might have become resistant to Botox. As a ‘pure product’, Xeomin’s anti-ageing effects kick in just a little bit faster. When Botox is injected into the skin, the Botulinum Toxin A must unravel from the added proteins before it can bond to facial muscles and work its magic, whereas Xeomin starts working straight away.

Whichever the neurotoxin of choice, I always carefully explain the differences, the units I intend to inject and therefore the price, before we get underway. Never be embarrassed to ask for this information which should be offered during your consultation. X