So, take a look at the picture. This is a behind the scenes peek at what lies under the surface of our skin in the area surrounding our mouths and lips. Pretty impressive, right? With no less than six arteries involved in this area, injecting dermal filler to restore volume, hydration and fullness to lines and wrinkles, is a procedure which requires skill and plenty of experience. With many years as a Registered Nurse behind me, and more as a Plastic Surgery Nurse, I received training from Plastic Surgeons who specialise in achieving optimal aesthetic outcomes. I was also trained in very specific injecting techniques used by them to avoid areas such as these arteries, to minimise bruising and maximise placement of the products injected (dermal fillers). I urge you to do your homework when choosing your cosmetic injector, don’t bargain shop and know that it is your right to ask questions. Saving a few dollars is not worth the risk, believe me.