Happy February – already! Sometimes clients are happy to share their before & after photos so you can see the effects of careful cosmetic injectables. You know I take the less is more approach in my treatments, preferring to top up rather than over-do. Particularly with first timers who I know (because I remember that myself!) are nervous. With this lovely lady, we used Botox® to address the brow, in between the eyes and the forehead, which you can see was on the way to creasing more permanently. Treating lines before they become wrinkles is sensible and this is where the term ‘preventable’ may be used with cosmetic injectable treatments. It takes around 2 – 3 weeks for Botox® to be fully effective, but you will notice it kicking in after the first few days. I still like my lovelies to have some movement, and don’t ‘knock out’ the muscles’ ability to move completely, as it’s so important for us to still be able to express ourselves through our faces. No frozen faces here! Any questions – you know the drill…XX

* Individual results may vary