Yes, I too need top ups of dermal filler and Botox®, and like you, I am very careful who I select to inject my face, ensuring safety standards are met, thorough training and a clinic environment.
So, these pictures are of me having dermal filler to my lower lip and naso-labial folds to restore volume.  I also had my chin and mental crease injected – that’s the horizontal line that forms naturally midway between your bottom lip and chin. It’s a great way to prevent deep creases. The cosmetic injector used 2mls of Juvaderm Volift® in total. Many people think they need their eye area or forehead alone treated, but replenishing plumpness and hydration to the lower face, is key in maintaining a youthful, natural look. I’m thrilled with the results and I promise I was a good patient! See for yourself on the video on our Facebook page.  Nicole XX