Or do you? I am very aware that people get nervous about their first treatment with Botox® or dermal filler. And I ensure I always remember that first appearance medicine treatment I had myself. For some its needles, they just don’t like needles – I get that! But, appearance medicine needles are tiny and very fine, they need to be for such precision work. I was trained by plastic surgeons, so my technique and knowledge of the face, healing, bruising and so forth, is very specific. Some people think it’s going to hurt. I get that too! So, I use numbing creams, ice and I change needles often so they’re not blunt. Some are scared of bruising (and having to explain those bruises to others!). Some people do bruise but there are ways to mitigate that, and yes, you can use concealer soon after your treatment if you’re one of the few who do bruise. Feel better? Let me assure you, the minimal discomforts are far outweighed by the amazing results. XXNicoleXX