Check out these lips! You’re right, they do not need volume or definition to the lip border BUT, look a little close at the corners of the mouth on the right… This young (20 year old) client, has suffered from significant cracks to the corners of her beautiful mouth for nearly two years. She has tried calendula, lanolin, fungal creams, Vitamin B and Iron, been vigilant about not wearing makeup and keeping them moisturised in cold weather. The reason these cracks would not go, is because she has been taking Isotretinoin (Oratane) for acne, and though she is now on a very low dose, the cracks are still symptomatic. When on this drug, you cannot take Zinc (or any Vitamin A) which is a real shame, as Zinc is what would help her. So, Nicole has devised another way! She injected dermal filler into the corners of the mouth, which has both hydrated the specific area, plumped out the crease and broken the vicious cycle. Voila, three weeks later, the skin has healed enormously, and the discoloration which has resulted from having inflamed skin for so long, has nearly gone. Dermal filler and Botox® are used for reasons other than cosmetic ones, and this is a perfect example!