Nicole has just spent the weekend in Sydney at an exclusive, invitation only AMAC event. This is a training event with Allergan, dedicated to showcasing the latest techniques in appearance medicine. The training was delivered by the gurus of the industry, and was focused on treating the whole face, not just points that are bothering the client. We need to look at and consider the face as a whole, how it is ageing, and moving and realise that treating just an area that irritates you, may not be the complete answer. This is also in regard to facial proportions, particularly the lower face in more mature clients. This area ‘descends’ and tends to lose definition more quickly (right ladies?!). Luckily, that can be vastly improved, and while we’re talking about being lucky, you are receiving the most up-to-date techniques and quality products when you book with BloomSkin. Or maybe that’s more about good management than luck?!