What’s it to be, Botox® or filler? Well, both are actually very different products, achieving very different results so don’t get it in your head that you want one or the other, because these products are in fact very complimentary. Depending on those thorny concerns of yours, Nicole makes the decision on which product to treat with during your consultation. If for example you have a furrowed brow, one that makes you appear older, or tired or just like the last rose of summer, then Botox® to the rescue! But! If those furrows have left deep creases which have turned into pesky old wrinkles, she will follow up – two weeks later, not in the same appointment – with plumping, hydrating, soft & malleable dermal filler. And the same goes for other areas of the face, with different kinds of dermal fillers being used for different areas and their needs. See, it’s a team, effort with these cosmetic injectables, lovelies.