Hello lovelies! Super excited, we’re off to Gloss Beauty Boutique in Matamata next week. To launch the beginning of regular BloomSkin clinic dates at this gorgeous clinic, Nicole will be speaking – and doing a live injecting session! – on Wednesday March 7 at 6pm. Want to come along? If you do, RSVP to the lovely Lisa and her team by Monday 5th on 07 8889960 for your place, or to book an appointment for your own appearance medicine treatment. Nicole will have you as fresh as a daisy in no time, yes indeedy! The evening session is the ideal time to ask questions in general, learn about appearance medicine and see for yourself the immediate benefits of these hydrating, subtle and safe treatments. There is quite a bouquet of options available so if you’re feeling like the last rose of summer, hop to it, and book your place. Can’t wait to see you! XX